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Asset Impact is a nationally recognized leader for Asset Liquidation and Asset Recovery for Regional, National and Multinational Commercial and Industrial Organizations. Simply put, we often purchase ‘everything’ outright. We dispose and recover maximum value on remaining inventory, FF&E and on any existing residual assets including real estate for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Major plant and facility shutdowns and decommissioning are our specialty while our asset relocation services are also widely desired for many projects. Asset Impact is committed to providing peace-of-mind to distressed or divesting operators through high yielding strategic asset recovery systems while often utilizing our demolition, removal and property remediation services.

Asset Impact monetizes assets through:

  • Negotiated on-site selling
  • Laser targeted sales private campaigns
  • Public sales and marketing efforts
  • International marketing
  • Internet listings and sales
  • Public or invitation only auctions

Asset Impact provides a range of applicable services for:

  • Plant Liquidation, Facilities Liquidation, Power Plant Shutdowns
  • Remodeling and Closing of Warehouses
  • Corporate Office Relocations (Home or Satellites)
  • Remodeling, Relocation or Closing of Retail operations
  • Remodeling and Closing of Distribution Centers

Critical Market Analyses

Plant Decommissioning: Creating Order from Chaos

‘Asset Recovery’ is a buzzword increasingly associated with plant shutdowns. With every job facing more than a dozen recovery elements often with agendas pitted directly against each other and very often not in the optimal, best interest of the client. These opposing agendas include: electrical vs. plumbing vs. equipment purchasers vs. property remediation vs. internal relocations vs. demolition vs. scrap removal vs. secondary market buyers vs. staging crews vs. earthworks vs. auctioneers vs. real estate brokers/leasing agents, etc., etc. A state-of-the-art asset recovery project ‘cannot’ succeed without significant planning using an integrated approach that prioritizes the long-term recovery.

This level of advanced planning solutions can only be created from a company possessing elite expertise in all the relevant facets and that has also nurtured great depth in its industry networks/contacts. Avoid limited, single operators as your initial point of contact… Who you call first will absolutely determine the ultimate success or failure of your project.

Industrial Vacants: Cash Out or Carry

There is a massive glut of vacated, old and energy inefficient buildings which major national and international firms have been carrying on their books for years. Property taxes, security costs, building maintenance costs, insurance and other holdings costs along with inherent ownership risks are creating financial black holes and liability exposures. These properties have very little chance of being re-engaged or redeveloped in their current state. Yet they persist… they drain. There is no panacea, there is only Asset Impact.


Long Range Consulting Yields Much Bigger Asset Recovery

Recently we were engaged by a national manufacturing and distribution firm for closing down one manufacturing division and consolidating two distribution centers into one facility. We estimated an extra 3% to 5% per month yield on assets each month, with up to 4 months advanced notice. That´s 12% to 20% greater yield realized back to the organisation because they strategically prepared further in advance for this option. We also could recover an extra 11% to 13% of otherwise unusable assets with the extra time.

Traditional Retailing
A Retractive Response

"We believe the current national retail struggles reflect industry's staggering inability to address profound, irreversible shifts in market forces... from lightning fast logistics and services associated with online purchasing, to technology serving not only to allow immediate access to foreign outsourcing options but also to dramatically reduce the resource requirements of traditional distribution centers. The end result is a world with exponentially less brick and mortar storefronts, mass consolidation of storage facilities, and a decade or more of continued retractions for many traditional providers."


Power Plant Decommissions

"Due to global warming related legislation, the mandated closure of functional power plants all over the United States has begun in earnest. A recovery market that is absolutely guaranteed to experience a flooding of supply (i.e. corresponding lesser returns), means those in front of the mass exodus engaging 'out-of-the-box' support will most effectively mitigate the damages. The flurry of activity we've experienced in Power Plant shutdowns directly stems from our ability to provide these operations with an experienced team, environmentally friendly protocols and results, swift responses and optimal recovery values."

What We Do

Asset Impact will meet all your needs for fixed asset liquidation and fixed asset recovery. If your situation requires demolition services, facility liquidation support or specialized asset recovery on ff&e, Asset Impact is experienced, efficient, effective and essential to optimize your recovery position.

We Acquire Your Facility, Assets, Property and/or Inventory...

Outright Purchase or Shared Profit Negotiations.

We Takeaway

Everything that you want removed. We relocate assets that you want to salvage and recomission. We immediately begin to process your assets through our uniquely intensified cost recovery system.

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Trash, Deb tal/Recycling
  • Relocation Services

We Put Back

Everything you will need for the satisfaction of any tenancy agreements, resale or property reuse scenarios.

  • Demolition Contractor, Demolition Services
  • Property Remediation for Environmental Considerations
  • Reclamation
  • Reinstallation

We Get Back

Everything possible in terms of remaining value of your assets.

  • Local, National & International Markets
  • Better Networks
  • More Experience

What You Receive


You have passed on this critical responsibility to a team that knows how to do the job, do it fast and do it well.

Residual Value

If there is value remaining in your assets, we'll implement the proper strategies to maximize your yield.


Feel relaxed knowing that you will competently satisfy your tenant, lessee exit position in a timely and cost efficient manner.


The property and/or facility will be restored to a level that optimize for your ultimate priority whether that be for reuse or resale.

"Thank you for your efforts, you made a difficult time a lot less difficult."

Ted Mirza, Wickes Furniture

"Hopefully I won't ever need you guys again, but if I do, I know I will be in great hands."

Kurt Sesco, Mervyn’s

"Your team exceeded the best we could hope for. Thank you."

Nelson Kloss, Leath Furniture

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