Asset Impact

Asbestos Disposal

With Asset Impact, you will receive customized service for your individual requirements concerning asbestoses disposal.  Persons are not permitted to dispose materials containing asbestos unless they have received the relevant training.  Our team of qualified and experienced asbestos disposal specialist will ensure that your property is secure from exposure of asbestos.

Asset Impact will cater to any type of property, including:

  • Industrial and Commercial
  • Demolition Assignments
  • Redevelopment Projects

Our team consists of licensed asbestos disposal experts with the experience to work in all locations and our qualified specialists will help remove asbestos risk. Asbestos threats can be easily identified with our trained experts with all the technology, equipment and established procedures.  We will base our recommendations after an exhaustive investigation of the jobsite conditions, renovation plans for the future, considering the safety of employees and your budget allowance.  We will work to clean and reinstate the environment.

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