Asset Impact

Asbestos Removal

Asset Impact understands the critical nature of Asbestos. It is one of the toxic scenarios we encounter most often.  Our trained contractors ensure that the safest methods are used for Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Disposal in accordance to health and safety regulations as well as environmental law.

Asset Impact does have the required tools, training and skill to take the correct safety measures in order to eradicate the asbestos. The equipment we engage will care for, stem the asbestos and it will reduce contact and inhalation with the hazardous asbestos elements to make certain that the substance can be safely removed and disposed.   This ensures that the work is commenced in a safe and thoroughly controlled environment.

Our Asbestos Removal Company follows approved codes of practice and safe-work procedures developed by national and state authorities, regulatory bodies and government agencies concerning the safe Removal of Asbestos. Engaging continuous innovation, superior asbestos treatment, OHS compliance, asbestos handling experience, and utilizing the vast experience throughout our past successful project history, our team of trained Asbestos Removal Contractors deliver unparalleled results.

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