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Industrial Auctions: Past Their ‘Used By’ Date

In the book ‘Moneyball’ Oakland Athletics General Manager, Billy Beane, follows a contrarian theory of mining for gold out of the least desired, most devalued assets (players) in Major League Baseball. When the market is over paying for speed, buy the assets that generate power. When the market is overpaying for power, buy the undervalued assets for defense… and so on… always trying to stay ahead of the curve. Bill Belichick is widely considered the greatest NFL football coach of all time. Winning year in, year out in a salary

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Pop Quiz: How Long Will it Take? Go Ahead and Take Your Best Guess

This article below brings up some very interesting considerations. It looks at a portion of Australia´s retail woes and talks about asset recovery online retailing, particularly overseas retailing, and how it is presents new challenges. We feel, or to put it more appropriately, we fear those challenges are far worse than the author may even realize. Our hopefully though provoking comments and questions are in bold. Truth be told, even we shudder at the conclusions. The reality of online retail Author: Brendan Lewis on 3 August 2011 I read today

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Long Range Consulting Yields Much Bigger Asset Recovery

Long Range Consulting Yields Much Bigger Asset Recovery Recently we were engaged by a major national manufacturing and distribution firm considering options for closing down one manufacturing division and consolidating its west coast and east coast distribution centers to one facility. For obvious reasons this company must remain nameless but some of the results were quite fascinating. As with every project, we needed to assess the expected return on asset value. How else can we set a price, right? However, in this particular case, we had much longer than normal

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Even More UK Shutdowns and Consolidations

Even more UK Shutdowns and Consolidations: Yet Another Sign to the Times Asset Impact has maintained for years that the trends we see in facility shutdowns are worldwide and have something to do with economics but many times has far more to do with logistics. At some significant level, people will always buy food, clothes and for fast convenience outside the home or from their mobile device, but as the Internet continues to expand its reach and scope, retailing in terms of brick and mortar outlets is a dying trend

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