Asset Impact

Bridge Demolition Contractors

Asset Impact excels at Bridge Demolition.  Our Contractors have years of experience with a thorough insight into all the technical specifications, relevant tactical planning and modern equipment that makes us a market leader in the industry.

As a result many companies view us as their primary point of contact for the intricate nature of bridge demolition, whether it is traditional planned collapse, large demolition lift or blow downs in sensitive locations.  Regardless of the desired outcome, our expert team can manage the inclusive package from the initial stakeholder consultations through to evacuations, road closures, and implementing control of exclusion zones.

Our contractors are supplied with the state-of-the-art equipment to implement bridge demolition in a sustainable manner while critically adhering to health and safety standards and of course, environmental welfare.  We also offer creative and efficient solutions at any stage of the contract.

At Asset Impact, our Bridge Demolition Contractors understand the importance of professional performance, making us a favorite among our clients.

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