Building Demolition Contractors

Asset Impact’s range of services that engage ‘demolition’ is ever expanding. We decommission and eventually demolish retail and commercial structures, industrial plants, power plants and storage facilities and many other Building Demolition.

Our customers for these demolition service projects are public and private and yet they all have many common objectives from their respective projects. These objectives include: optimal safety practices, environmental conscious tactics, site restoration and land remediation and the strict adherence to budgets and schedules. Increasingly, clientele are aware that advanced asset recovery can and should mitigate the ultimate costs they incur.

Our fleet of equipment and operators are considered to be at the forefront of the Demolition Industry. Our Building Demolition Contractors take enormous pride in accomplishing each demolition job according to the highest safety standards while also safeguarding the welfare of the environment. Our team of expert is a major reason why Asset Impact systematically delivers on these objectives while meeting all the logistic, financial and commitments of your project.

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for your efforts, you made a difficult time a lot less difficult."
Ted Mirza, Wickes Furniture