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Concrete Removal Contractors

Industrial work sites can yield a great deal of concrete.  With increasing fuel prices and regulations being placed on landfills, it is no longer economical to remove concrete through conventional methods.  Fortunately Asset Impact has the answer.  Our experienced Concrete Removal Contractors can pulverize concrete into gravel for dispose or for reuse for in your new projects.

Our highly qualified concrete contractors make us one of the most desired in the industry.  We have a strong team and the necessary equipment to ensure safe removal of concrete.  Our Concrete Demolition Services have been used on concrete silos foundation and footing, concrete slabs and with hundreds of other Concrete Walls and Structures.  We also recycle I impressive amounts of concrete which prevent litter in landfills and minimizes the environmental footprint of green demolition sites.

Asset Impact aims to provide a safe work environment for our team and clients.  Our Concrete Removal Contractors strictly implement safety guidelines for collecting, demolishing and recycling.

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