Asset Impact

Controlled Demolition Contractors

Asset Impact has widespread knowledge with Controlled Demolition elements for commercial, residential and industrial properties. As renowned demolition contractors, we bring nearly unrivaled expertise to all aspects of state-of-the-art demolition processes and particularly in delivering specialized explosive demolition methods.

Asset Impact specializes in the use of explosives to create a controlled demolition of a structure of  Radio Towers, Piers, Chimney etc. Generally the result is the structure collapsing on itself into a pile of debris contained within the site of the building.

From the initial assessment and the approved project details to the completed demolition site, we employ a cautious, exacting and exhaustive team of professional explosives and structural experts to prepare, oversee and implement the project demolition.

We possess a current and site-specific equipment and gear. Our extensive skills and assets enable efficient handling of the most intricate and technically difficult Demolition Projects, all undertaken squarely within safety regulations.

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