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Critical Market Analyses

Critical Market Analyses

Plant Decommissionings: Creating Order from Chaos

‘Asset Recovery’ is a buzzword increasingly associated with plant shutdowns. With every job facing more than a dozen recovery elements often with agendas pitted directly against each other and very often not in the optimal, best interest of the client. These opposing agendas include: electrical vs. plumbing vs. equipment purchasers vs. property remediation vs. internal relocations vs. demolition vs. scrap removal vs. secondary market buyers vs. staging crews vs. earthworks vs. auctioneers vs. real estate brokers/leasing agents, etc., etc. A state-of-the-art asset recovery project ‘cannot’ succeed without significant planning using an integrated approach that prioritizes the long-term recovery.

This level of advanced planning solutions can only be created from a company possessing elite expertise in all the relevant facets and that has also nurtured great depth in its industry networks/contacts. Avoid limited, single operators as your initial point of contact… Who you call first will absolutely determine the ultimate success or failure of your project.

Industrial Vacants: Cash Out or Carry

There is a massive glut of vacated, old and energy inefficient buildings which major national and international firms have been carrying on their books for years. Property taxes, security costs, building maintenance costs, insurance and other holdings costs along with inherent ownership risks are creating financial black holes and liability exposures. These properties have very little chance of being re-engaged or redeveloped in their current state. Yet they persist… they drain. There is no panacea, there is only Asset Impact.

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"Thank you for your efforts, you made a difficult time a lot less difficult."
Ted Mirza, Wickes Furniture