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Facility Decommissioning Expert‘ is generally not a job title that sits on too many corporate hierarchies. Normally that task is given to someone in the company who has some experience in putting a facility or parts of a facility together… but taking one down, apart and away requires a completely different skill set altogether. Asset Impact offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art demolition and wrecking equipment and the full spectrum of Demolition Contractors that you would expert from an industry leader. We provide demolition and wrecking services on standalone jobs or as an integral element in more comprehensive recovery and removal engagements.

We are licensed in many states all across the country and have strong network alliances and affiliations in every state.

As a leading Demolition Company, Asset Impact offers a wide range of demolition services to our clients. Our objective here at Asset Impact is to provide elite demolition contractors and services that operate at only the highest levels of attention to safety and environmentally friendly practices throughout the United States and internationally.

No Worries on Toxic Concerns

Toxic clean-up has become an increasingly critical component of our work. Environmental Impact Assessments and ensuring that the property has fully recovered for resale or redevelopment go hand-in-hand with any advanced demolition project. For land remediation, Asset Impact is the perfect choice to help your firm recover and recapture value. Elements of remediation include bio-mediation, soil washing and soil stabilization.

Another critical part of Asset Impact’s wide range of demolition services to large-scale industrial operations. Our Demolition Contractors provide structural alterations, demolitions to high rise facilities, retention to façades and foundation work. Our long tenure in the industry coupled with our wide range of completed projects combine to bring great confidence to those requiring a professional, timely and quality delivery of demolition related services.

Investment Recovery of Assets

Demolition and wrecking services are often one of the cornerstones of an asset recovery project. Even when we are called upon for strict demolition projects, our asset recovery skills allow us to offer our clients the best demolition value in the marketplace. A pre-demolished facility offers the potential of scrap value and secondary market value in similar and non competing industries along with the need to handle the demolition and removal at the highest level of efficiency.

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