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With decades of experience providing quality conscious Demolition Services to industrial and commercial operations nationwide, Asset Impact in a leader in conventional and one-of-a-kind demolition projects. Matching your assets to their optimal recovery streams is our Demolition Contractors unique skill that consistently translates to maximum recovery and the lowest in demolition outlay for clients.

We serve the public and private sectors and remain fully hands-on with all the established elements for large-scale and selective demolition including commercial and industrial wrecking and dismantling. With particular attention to major industrial facilities and power plants, we offer the required insight and optimal recovery tactics to make this increasingly trending occurrence a far more comfortable and settling matter for our clients. In the recent years, we have performed ever intensifying efforts on environmental remediation, on site restoration elements as well as cement and asphalt crushing and highly integrated scrap recycling services.

Our Demolition Services Include:

Scope of Services

Our services and projects include:

  • Complete Industrial facilities
  • Power plants
  • Manufacturing Plants and
  • Full Demolition and Wrecking
  • Water Tanks and Towers
  • Foundational Work
  • Removal and Toxic Clean-up
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Steel and Concrete Silos
  • Consultation and Engineering Efforts

While Building Demolition‘ is one of our core markets, the Asset Impact range of services that revolve around the term ‘demolition’ is ever expanding. Retail and commercial structures, industrial plants, power plants and storage facilities are buildings we demolish. Our customers for these demolition service projects are public and private and yet they all have many common objectives from their respective projects. These objectives include: optimal safety practices, environmental conscious tactics, site restoration and land remediation and the strict adherence to budgets and schedules. Our fleet of equipment and operators are both considered to be at the forefront of the Demolition Industry and they are a major reason why Asset Impact systematically delivers on all these objectives.

Planning and Consulting Services

It’s not enough to go into a project and simply look to tear it all down and take it away. Planning, strategic performance and asset recovery all come into play in terms in how Asset Impact can consistently offer some of the most competitive and highly regarded bids in the industry. These specialized services are available to our clients at any level for compete jobs or strictly for consultation. Our consultation are increasingly called upon to help firms set agendas where there are multiple decommissioning facilities and to provide them with a list of often overlooked concerns and factors that can influence asset recovery, clean-up concerns and ongoing property value.

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