Divest and Invest to Progress

The signs are coming hard and fast. Ignore them at your own peril. The US will soon be facing another battle to stay out of a prolonged and deeper recession.

Today””s Headline on Yahoo:

Economists see growing risk of global recession

Weak economic data fuel recession fears, contribute to sharp fall in financial markets

Statistics analysis is everywhere. In sports, advanced statistical analysis more accurately predict success and failure than ever before. It””s the same with the economy. While there are many more inputs and variables to consider with the economy, the fact remains that more and more warning signs are appearing daily.

Minimize Your Pain and Maximize Your Gains.

We have developed a very simple Pre-Recession Checklist. It´s you RRI.

  1. Retire – Make hard decisions today, what will not service you well during a bad economic cycle. Pretend you manage a football team with a reduced salary cap. Make the tough calls, now!
  2. Asset Recovery – Get your low or non-performing assets into the secondary and scrap markets BEFORE they””re about to get flooded. If you want a reasonable return, act quickly. When the glut arrives, it””s too late to capitalize on the residual value. Even scrap prices decline considerably in a recession.
  3. Invest – Develop or strengthen lines that WILL do well in a slow economy. Low (almost non-existent) interest rates and government tax and investment incentives are available. Reduce your resource outlays with efficient lines and processes. So when the $%#@ hits the fan, your fan has already been turned off and you””re using central air-conditioning while producing in a new comfort zone.

The end result is performance in a down market and massive margins in a static or improving market. Some people make ””real”” money in down markets. Will you?

Asset Impact - Streamlining

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"Thank you for your efforts, you made a difficult time a lot less difficult."
Ted Mirza, Wickes Furniture