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Even More UK Shutdowns and Consolidations

Even more UK Shutdowns and Consolidations: Yet Another Sign to the Times

Asset Impact has maintained for years that the trends we see in facility shutdowns are worldwide and have something to do with economics but many times has far more to do with logistics. At some significant level, people will always buy food, clothes and for fast convenience outside the home or from their mobile device, but as the Internet continues to expand its reach and scope, retailing in terms of brick and mortar outlets is a dying trend that loses more blood every year. Consider the following news.

A 2011 UK Business Park Activity Report points out many major shutdowns and acquisitions (and their impending consolidations) from various nationwide organizations… More than 20 chains fall into the above category. That’s a lot of warning signs. Here at Asset Impact we cannot change your company’s delivery method, but we can surely help you adjust more fluently if you happen to alter your tactics.

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