Asset Impact


Acting in the Certain Way

The Asset Impact team will work closely with you to identify all FF&E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment) recovery possibilities. Starting from an analysis of your asset structure in terms of itemization, raw value, logistical considerations, optimal marketing and sales strategy, replacement concerns and facility reconstitution, we will then quickly engage our network of professionals into fast-acting unit focused on delivering the maximum conceivable outcome(s).

FF & E Recovery takes a special kind of team to handle projects effectively and efficiently. Because of the often high labor pool requirements combined with sophisticated machinery needs, FF&E demands advanced project management, innate personnel supervisory skill sets all combined with high levels safety and security attention. It’s a very unique range of abilities all while wrapped around often very short and tight time frames, one of the major reasons why The Asset Impact Team is so highly valued and as trusted as a premier operator in a specialized industry.

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