Asset Impact

Industrial Demolition Contractors

Asset Impact Industrial Demolition Contractors provides a full range of services for the removal of industrial and commercial structures and facilities. We frequently work in the most challenging of environments where assets are to be protected, where environmental factors need to be addressed and where schedules are challenging.

Our engineering-centric demolition planners lay out a methodology for the safe removal of the structures while minimizing the impact to surrounding improvements. Our focus is to provide the highest quality of service while ensuring safe procedures to allow our client to rapidly return their property back into a productive use.

Asset Impact will cater to any type of property but are not limited to:

  • Industrial process, chemical, manufacturing and assembly plants.
  • Power generating and Treatment plants
  • Commercial High Rise buildings
  • Medical, Federal and Hotel structures.

At Asset Impact we aim to provide safe and sound, cost effective techniques for Industrial demolition.

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