Asset Impact


Adding Value

Non-performing, dead and unwanted inventory must at some point be converted to cash. Asset Impact will process the entire inventory in any state, whether still in raw material form, in some stage of work-in progress or finished goods, and we will place it into our private network cash recovery mechanism. What this means to you is that we will evaluate it for its raw value. We will also source possible buyers who can complete non-finished work and promote finished goods within our premium list of secondary market sellers looking for Liquidation items.

The end result is, whatever you have to sell, we will provide you with the optimal cash recovery value.

Color Coding & Categorization

Color Coded to DESTROY, RELOCATE or SELL. We assist with a categorization and cataloging service to help you assess all your assets.

From this you will be able to conclude:
  • What has market value.
  • What the secondary market will need to have for support details.
  • What your company may want for relocation, rigging, destruction, assessment, validation, etc. (This is extremely helpful to understand what will stay in your company and what goes.)

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