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Power Plant Demolition Contractors

An inordinate amount of Power Plants have been targeted for Demolition and Decommissioning over the next couple of years. With new legislation and emission standards, many older plants have been designated for shutdown. Firms generally want to recover maximum value and quickly resell the land.

We are providing the best Power Plant Demolition Contracting Services.

At Asset Impact, we often purchases everything, land included, and thus allow our clients to receive optimal asset value in a timely manner. We then often handle the demolition and Asset Recovery on our own terms, allowing us to garner the highest recovery amounts and to ensure there is no conflicts of interest from all operations(and operators) of recovery and demolition/removal elements. Currently, Asset Impact finds itself deeply involved in Power Plant Closings all over the United States and our international network of buyers has allowed us to offer our demolition and recovery bids at consistently high level water marks. It’s a trend that we see continuing to rise for the better part of this decade.

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