The Power Plant Shutdown Solution

In December 2011 the Obama Administration initiated highly aggressive legislation aimed at closing power plants that did not meet extremely stringent emissions controls. The immediate response was a long list of functional and operational power plants nationwide were almost instantly earmarked for decommission over the next few years. For Asset Impact, this has ‘powered’ a massive surge in our activity as these organizations have actively sought us out to take advantage of both our seasoned and experienced team in handling these matters along with our global network to obtain maximum recovery values on their facility’s asset structure.

Nuclear and coal-fired power plants are those most targeted for closings. Because of our shutdown unit’s advanced experience in handling these exact types of highly specialized shutdowns, we have been extremely active being called upon for the ‘traditional’ role of handling a power plant decommissioning from demolition to relocation (in some instances) to remediation and on to final recovery.

Plan it Forward

Additionally we have become inundated with advanced consulting requests directed at assisting plants to incorporate procedures aimed maximizing the eventual recovery value. The reason?… Amongst the flurry of planning directed at personnel and other administrative objectives that naturally comes with a shutdown, strategizing the best path for recovery is often an entirely overlooked priority during the early stages. Because of this, we have now witnessed millions of dollars that has consistently been lost because simple low cost, low resource initiatives were not been put into place. That’s a lose/lose situation on every side of pie.

The EPA Does Not Stop With When the Plant Stops

Another increasingly critical concern with shutdowns of this variety is with respects to the environmental requirements associated with the both removal process and with the property (land). Making sure that this critical element of the task is handled effectively is a challenge that should be left to only the most elite of demolition and removal teams. Clean-up campaigns on these facilities can offer an extreme challenge to move the land to a next-use scenario and this is the type of task that should be sufficiently addressed upfront so the demolition/removal/clean-up teams can work to maximum cost effectiveness. Fortunately the renowned Asset Impact Demolition services team has already handled whatever your property has for environmental concerns. You’ll pass with flying colors.





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"Thank you for your efforts, you made a difficult time a lot less difficult."
Ted Mirza, Wickes Furniture