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Explanation of our Costing

Asset Impact is different. In fact, we would like to think that we are ”a lot” different than many established industry peers. We almost always beat other bids and people often wonder “How do you it?” Well, there are no real secrets in our business… it all comes down to sound, basic principles. Here’s why you will do better with Asset Impact.

  • Our team of seasoned professionals working nationwide and ”on call” for immediate and impactful efforts.
  • We are aligned strategically with providers possessing the optimal, state-of-the-art equipment to do your job fast and efficiently. Big isn’t always better, but when it is, we’ll have it there fast and it will save… time and money.
  • We schedule… we even schedule when we are going to reschedule. Planning is at the very core of our composition and acumen and it always pays offs quickly to both our clients and ourselves.
  • We are disciplined. Discipline is not mandated, it is a way of life for our teams.
  • We will Go and Sell Anywhere. We sell based on the factors of efficiency and value and we can access local, regional, national and international markets for most items that we encounter. If a buyer is out there, we probably already know who that person is.

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