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Comprising a team of dozens of highly experienced and uniquely qualified professionals; our wide-ranging network of industry experts are there to fill every element in our strategic plan including: breakdown and Demolition, marketing and sales, facility reconstitution, logistics, legal, financial and more. We are also not afraid to quickly assess and engage local are professionals to keep costs at a minimum whenever possible. It´s this type of flexibility that grows our network and enhances our reputation for delivering impactful results.

Ambed Prasad, Logic Operations

Possessing more than 25 years of entrepreneurial spirit and experience, Ambed Prasad has owned and still operates import and export, retail, wholesale, marketing, Internet, call center of course, a highly specialized removal and recovery businesses. One simple phrase sums up the driving philosophy behind Mr. Prasad´s success, ´relentless forward motion´.

Mr. Prasad brings his unique vision, planning and strategic problem solving skills to every job and his vast network of professional allies has been ably expanded by the entire team here at Asset Impact Inc.

“Safety First” is “Safety Always.”

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